The University of South Florida

The projects I completede at the University of South Florida Housing Marketing and Communications office was published to the 6,500 students living on the USF campus as well as roughly 45,000 commuters and staff. My goal was to maximize on the creative boundaries set by the university to not only have some fun with my design, but bring something a little more exciting about the way we communicated key information with our students, faculty and families. Below are just a few of my favorite projects completed during my time there. 


(As set by the University’s standards)


A series of posters and social media ads targeted towards current students living on campus to promote the search for new Residential Assistants and Community Managers for the following school year. Posters were designed chronologically in 4 phases with key information updated as the search progressed.


These door decs were placed on the doors of every dorm and suite on campus. These allow RA’s to get to know their students easier as well as grant students the opportunity to introduce themselves before even meeting. Client requested an extra space for hobbies on the Spring version, so an adjustment to the desk design was made later on. 


The client opted for a single version door dec for the following school year. This time I wanted to create something a little less time-telling that they could reuse if they ever needed to in the future. 


An isometric illustration to quickly and playfully deliver fun facts about what the university and residential life on campus has to offer students. This infographic is displayed at every residential open house event and updated accordingly.



I was tasked with creating this brochure to promote initiatives and interaction amongst the Living Learning Communities on campus. The department wanted to get faculty more involved outside of the classroom and office setting, so information was provided on several programs that allowed faculty to decide how they’d like to participate based on their level of commitment. Designed entirely in InDesign.
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